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Weight Loss Update

This is a quick update, I said I would update people on the weight loss and how things were going.  Here was the original post – https://itstrategicdirection.wordpress.com/2013/04/01/90-day-fitness-challenge/ I know this isn’t quite “strategic IT” however not everything can be and … Continue reading

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90 Day Fitness Challenge

Now fitness doesn’t really fit within the whole “Strategic IT” realm of this blog however fitness I believe it very important, especially within IT as it can be very difficult with the sedentary lifestyle that IT folks typically live. Now … Continue reading

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Nike+ FuelBand–Month Review

Back at the end of January I picked up a Nike+ FuelBand to help motivate me with staying active. (You can read that initial post HERE).  I figured it’s been a month and I should do a review, so how … Continue reading

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Nike+ FuelBand

For people who know me they’ll know I’m a gadget guy.  I love playing with new technology and seeing how it can fit into my life and make this easier, efficient, fun, interesting, etc.  So when @weathlybigpenis posted the following … Continue reading

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