The Internet of Everything

You’ve heard this term many times now, if you haven’t then head over to the Oxford Dictionary which explains it. Basically it is “a proposed development of the Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data”. I’ve always been a gadget guy since I can remember and that has not changed to this day. 

My venture into the Internet of Everything started this year with the purchase of the Nike Fuel Band which I blogged about earlier this year.  This taps into the “People” dimension as described by Dave Evans, Chief Futurist at Cisco in an article Huffington Post released today.  I highly suggest you read this article, it’s short and describes what Dave describes as the four dimensions of The Internet of Things.

I also picked up a NEST thermostat which also applies here in the “Data” and “Things” dimensions talked about in the above link.  I figured as a gadget guy I wanted to have better visibility and in turn control over my heating and the NEST does just that.  It’s overkill for most people but these type of thermostats will become the norm over the next few years as people look to cut costs in areas like heating and cooling.  I know by April next year I’ll notice a difference in my heating bills and the cost of the NEST will have been justified.

The Internet of Everything is in it’s infancy and is just taking off.  We are going to see some pretty amazing things connected that we never thought of before. If you want to stay in touch with The Internet of Everything / Internet of Things check out Cisco and their blog, as are in touch with where things are going and have great content.  Check it out.

So a question I have out there for those who follow, where do you see this fitting in with the Corporate Enterprise?  A lot of this is being driven through the consumer side (NEST, FuelBand) so how does this technology fit within the every day business?

Here is a great video on “What is the Internet of Everything?”


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