2013 Ford F150 Lariat

2013-Ford-F-150-Exterior-Lariat-623x389A few weekends ago I had yet again the pleasure of taking out another Ford vehicle for a test.  This time I was rocking the 2013 150 Lariat which is the first time I’ve driven a real pick up truck since my parents owned a 1997 Ford F150 XLT.  16 years later and what Ford has done with the F150 is quite amazing. 

I really have to start off and talk about the EcoBoost engine which continues to amaze me in all the vehicles I’ve driven with this option.  This vehicle as tested was equipped with the 3.5L V6 EcoBoost engine and is rated to get 16 MPG City / 22 MPG Highway.  I believe I was able to get 13.9L/100KM while driving out to Mount Robson doing around 124 km/h which is pretty standard driving speeds on Alberta highways with 110 km/h speed limits.  I was amazed because that’s about 1.0L/ 100KM better than my horrible Jeep Patriot which just frustrates me.  (lets not get started there)  The power when required was there and overall I didn’t feel the engine was to small for the vehicle.  You can get that sometimes however this EcoBoost was phenomenal.

Inside technology wise it really had everything that I’ve come to expect from Ford.  WP_20130916_17_00_39_ProYou’ve got the MyFord Touch with SYNC Technology which is so easy to use and a snap when connecting your Bluetooth devices.  It has new HID Headlamps which have a nice touch of the F150 logo within the assembly.  However I expected it to be keyless like the other vehicles I’ve been driving.  That’s a miss I think and should be standard fare these days. 

Some convince features I really liked were the kick out side steps that help you get into the box by the cab. This is a great feature that I’ve always thought pick ups should have.  Not sure how long these have been around but worked well for putting in our hiking gear.


Tucked away


Kicked out

The space when the back seats are folded up is massive.  I could not believe how much storage was here.  Want to put a bike inside? No problem.


Overall this was a very comfortable ride as we took it out to Mount Robson to go hiking at Berg Lake.  While a bit of overkill for just our backpacks it was nice to get the F150 out on the highway and see what it could do.


Where the F150 got us, well not here…
we had to hike 23 km and 3000 ft. elevation gain!

Thanks once more to Waterloo Ford – @waterlooford and Ford Canada – @fordcanada for the vehicle and opportunity.

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2 Responses to 2013 Ford F150 Lariat

  1. Brian says:

    I love those new headlights.

  2. Burt says:

    Talk about luxurious! Trucks have come a long way! This thing is so gorgeous and fancy! I would love to have one!

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