Happy Canada Day Long Weekend

canada_dayA quick entry this week to wish everyone a safe and happy Canada Day long weekend.  The weather in the Edmonton (#yeg) area is going to be fantastic as summer has finally arrived.  I love the heat and cannot wait to be outside the family and friends this weekend. 

Now this is a IT/Tech blog so I should at least say something from a technology stand point.  As luck would have it a great yet sad story from a Canadian tech company that just isn’t having any luck emerged.  The results are in and BlackBerry’s shares are down 27% on the TSX. OUCH!  Not surprised as holdouts for the Blackberry device are slowly dwindling and converting to Android, Apple and Windows Phone.  Windows Phone recently replaced Blackberry as the third form factor and has been showing some pretty steady growth.  Now that Blackberry has a back seat in 4thBBkeyboard place and with dismal 2nd-quarter results, it’s only a matter of time before more and more companies abandon this platform in favour for much more innovative devices.  Lets also not forget BlackBerry plans to scrap the PlayBook which in all honestly was a weak attempt to get into the tablet marketplace.  What’s sad is I’m all for supporting Canadian companies, however this one has just run out of innovative steam.

For those looking for events in the Edmonton area for Canada day, check out  http://www.edmontonceleberatecanada.ca/ or the City of Edmonton’s website http://www.edmonton.ca/attractions_recreation/festivals_events/celebrate-canada-day-in-edmonton.aspx

Stay safe this long weekend!


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3 Responses to Happy Canada Day Long Weekend

  1. Gene Delitzoy says:

    We talked about Blackberry years ago when android first came out and how it would be really great to see RIM embrace Android for the corporate world. It is too bad they went another way and the results are showing.

    I wonder what type of internal culture and leadership allowed that to happen, surely people within RIM would have seen this coming? Were they silenced due to the NIH syndrome that affects so many companies?

    • Shaun says:

      No idea, I’m sure when the company closes its doors at some point there will be a tell all. It’s just sad to see a company that revolutionized mobile email in the corporate world just lose its innovative steam.

      Leadership and the internal culture is for sure to blame. Just look at Apple and the lack of leadership and innovation with the constant same old same old iOS that keeps getting released. Tim Cook just isn’t that innovative/visionary that Steve Jobs was. Hard to say what the real problem is however in the words of John Maxwell, “everything rises and falls on leadership.”

  2. Attil says:

    Great blog, Happy Canada Day

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