New Challenge

CIOCANI’m always up for new challenges and I think this time I’ve really taken on a good’er that will stretch me as a person and a leader.  I recently became the Edmonton Chapter President of the CIO Association of Canada.  I’ve been a member for almost two years and have been part of the board of directors as a member at large for over a year.  The outgoing president, Dean Doige has become a close peer of mine and strongly suggested that I should consider it.  So I did and well now the fun begins!

What I’m most excited about is stretching myself in all kinds of areas, mostly the public speaking which I’ll be doing a lot more of as we put on events through the year.  I’ve really come to enjoy the CIO Association of Canada and it’s members as I’ve learnt a lot from them.  I subscribe to the success principal of getting around people who are more successful than you and I can say there is no shortage of that in this group.  Being part of an association that is here to facilitate networking, share best practices, promote executive development and drive advocacy on issues facing IT executives has certainly sky rocketed my career.

I have huge shoes to fill as Dean has done a tremendous job with the Chapter over the last two years a long with a highly successful Peer Forum this past spring.  I hope to continue this success through the next year and look forward to growing the chapter even further as we continue to be the premier association for IT Executives in Canada.

If you are an IT Executive in the Edmonton area and are looking to join an association like I described above, please get in touch with me and I’ll invite you as a guest to our next event.  You can also follow us on twitter, the local chapter @CIOCAN_EDM and the National account @CIO_CAN.  Lastly you can check out the CIO Association Canada website here –

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