Microsoft Canadian Leadership Summit 2013


Once again the Microsoft Canadian Leadership Summit is back and I’ll be making my way to Toronto this year to attend.  This year almost didn’t happen and after taking to social media via twitter and LinkedIn enough people made a stink I presume, that they decided to bring it back however incorporated it with the opening of the Microsoft Technology Centre.  Typically it’s held each year at Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington.  Let’s hope it heads back there next year as heading to Microsoft HQ is an experience in it’s self.

I find these type of events, the leadership events put on by Microsoft, Gartner and other key players in the IT community of huge value for leaders such as myself.  The networking with fellow IT leaders is at least 50% of the value.  The remaining value is held within the leadership keynote which will be by Max Long, President of Microsoft Canada and some breakout sessions through the day on areas of interest of attendees. 

One thing I’ve been critical with Microsoft on with not only CLS events, but with events like TechEd are having leaders such as Steve Ballmer speak.  At the very least when you have an event like CLS which gains the attention of CIO’s from major Canadian companies you’d have the key leader of Microsoft to speak to them.  A speaker like Steve would encourage, ignite and inspire leaders such as myself.  However he’s never at these type of events and for that I have to sigh, I think there is a largely missed opportunity to address the people in Canada who largely invest heavily into the Microsoft stack. Maybe next year?

Anyway if I hear of anything exciting, and I’m allowed to talk about it (non-NDA) I’ll be tweeting via my account @shaunguthrie and through hash tag #CLS2013 and will post a recap on here.  Looking forward to connecting with my peers in the industry!

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3 Responses to Microsoft Canadian Leadership Summit 2013

  1. Mitch Garvis says:

    I am looking forward to seeing you there… Make sure you come say hello to me!

  2. Laura Doerfler says:

    Even though the event is over can you send me the link to the web site for the Summit? Can’t see to find it!

    Laura Lindley

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