Microsoft Surface Pro

Yesterday I finally took the plunge into purchasing a Microsoft Surface Pro as my primary computing device.  I did this for a few reasons:

  1. I had a laptop that broke (Thanks son) and was looking for a replacement
  2. We are currently testing tablets are replacements for some remote field staff and need to test options
  3. After talking with peers and friends using the Surface the majority of reviews were positive
  4. I wanted to use OneNote with a pen stylus
  5. I can use a USB 3.0 docking station to connect to my two 23″ monitors at work
There are other issues however those were the most primary ones that led me to head down to the local Calgary Best Buy and pick one up.  The setup was quite quick and was able to start using the tablet within a few short minutes.  Even doing the setup via the hotel wireless was easy and I was able to do all the updates to apps, firmware and security without problems.
I had used the Surface at work all day and was able to use it in all the same functions that I used my temporary laptop the day before. Hands down the best feature I’ve been able to use was OneNote with the Surface digital stylus. It is like writing on paper and something I’ve been looking for in a tablet for awhile. All brag about having a great pen however the best I’ve experienced thus far is the Surface pen.
The Surface Pro while it may be a tad heavier than a few other tablets, really hasn’t crossed my mind at all today.  The Surface tablet just feels right and has all the power I need to be able to do my daily tasks. I utilize Citrix so that also helps eliminate the need to install a ton of apps directly on the Surface.
This device will be my only device now at work and I’ll give up my temporary laptop AND desktop. I’m a bit worried at that however the only way to really experience the real value of this will be to cut off the dependencies. I am confident this will work out well.
My only real suggestion and feedback for Microsoft and really for all tablet and phone makers is it’s about time you guys work on innovating battery life. We’ve not seen large advancements in battery power and that is one of the biggest problems of all tablets and phones. Start working on it!
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