90 Day Fitness Challenge

Now fitness doesn’t really fit within the whole “Strategic IT” realm of this blog however fitness I believe it very important, especially within IT as it can be very difficult with the sedentary lifestyle that IT folks typically live. Now that’s not all IT folks, I know a few who I work with who are professional body builders.  Didn’t see that coming eh?

I wanted to announce my 90 day fitness challenge because I believe in speaking my goals as well as capturing them for others to see.  It’s called being accountable to not only myself but those who read this blog or see my tweets on the subject.  Now if I don’t do anything then I’m going to look like a pretty big loser (not in the weight sense) and it will show I can’t commit to something as simple as exercise. 300x180q80

I’m not going into the details of the challenge however what I can tell you is it’s basically around being fit and dropping some much needed poundage and eating healthier.  We are about to have baby #2 and I’ll be off work for 2-3 weeks which will be a perfect opportunity to get a jump start and develop some habits.  I’ll be using the Nike+ Kinect Training for a good portion of my work outs which so far have been awesome in creating some pretty intense workouts.  Very surprising for a video “game”.

I’ll be using the MyFitnessPal app on my Windows Phone 8 device to track my food and exercise as much as possible.  I’ll also have my Nike Fuel Band to see how I compare week after week and month after month. 

I’ll try and post a little progress bar as I go to keep those who are interested to date.  As of right now I’m 214.8 lbs.  My the end of the 90 days I’d like to be close to that 200 lb. mark.  Basically losing just over a pound a week if I stay consistent and eat right.  Join in if you are interested!


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