NEST Thermostat–Internet of Everything

This weekend I picked up the NEST Thermostat which is a sleek looking Wi-Fi enabled thermostat with built in intelligence to adjust based on your habits.  Before I go into to much detail, you can easily watch the short 72 second video below on what it is.


I figure based on our usage and how frequent we are out of the house, this little gadget will have a ROI of about 12 months.  I’ll update this time next year to show the results as I’m quite curious to see if I’ll actually see those results inside of a year.  The cost of this device at your local Apple store is a hefty $249 compared to the HoneyWell 7-day standard programmable thermostat that most people have shown here at Home Depot for $119.

Now most who know me and who’ve been following this blog know I love gadgets and things that connect via the internet.  The biggest value I saw that attracted me (outside the coolness feature) was the ability to control your thermostat via iOS, Android or a mobile friendly site.  During the weekends while we are out the thermostat we used to have typically runs the same un-intelligent schedule we have set which means it’s running while we are not home.  This device will actually learn when you are not home and will shut down the system to conserve energy and wasted resources which in turn save you money.  The ability to open the app and then turn the thermostat on while you are on the way home is pretty slick and convenient.  If you are in the market for cutting some costs and just want a cool looking thermostat I highly suggest you check this out.


This is just one device of many that will be connected to the internet over the current decade.  As stated by Cisco, 37 billion new things will be connected by 2020 which back in 2011 Cisco predicts there will be 50 billion things connected by 2020 (See infographic below).  This is quite amazing if you really think about it and what it represents to the advancement of technology.  Quite scary when you really think about it too.

I’m ready for it and look forward to the opportunity to control things like lights, heat (already done), blinds, appliances all from a device such as a smartphone or something new like Google Glass.  It’s coming and whether we are ready for it or not, or if we are accepting of it or not, we will be bombarded by it and it will just evolve in our daily lives just like the smartphone did.  There will always be the early adopters, early majority, late majority and then the laggards however this technology and the connection of it will penetrate our lives in some way shape or form.  The term to “disconnect” will have a whole new meaning in about 7 years I’m sure!


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