CIOedmontonThursday at lunch I was fortunate enough to attend the CIO Association of Canada’s lunch event titled “Undercover CIO: Relationships Matter, Lessons Learned With Clark Builders Executive Chairman, Andy Clark”. Andy was recently features on Undercover Boss Canada Edition and his episode can be viewed HERE. The Edmonton Journal article can also be checked out over HERE.

Andy was the focus of our quarterly event because relationships are key not only in personal life but within your business life and if you don’t invest the right amount of time or effort into them, you could end up having a pretty rough time.  Now Andy isn’t a polished speaker however the way he conveyed his message about relationships through his stories, quotes, and experiences was very effective and relatable.

There was a lot that Andy shared however two points stuck with me.  First was “Nobody cares how much you know until you show them how much you care”.  This somewhat relates to what John Maxwell talks about with the “Law of the Buy In”.  To often we are superficial with our relationships and don’t actually show people that we are interested and in this case care.  Be genuine with your relationships and put some effort into them.  I try my best to walk around the floor and see how everyone’s weekend was and not just the “How was your weekend?” “Good”, “Good”. This same dialog could be translated to perfect strangers. For example when was the last time you actually had a good conversation with a perfect stranger? The person who bags your groceries or the barista who makes your latte at Starbucks.  Its this conversation of caring that is lacking in our society today, in my own opinion.  We are often head down and buried into our smartphones while out in public.  That email or text message can wait!

The second point was the following quote, “As leaders its our responsibility to build the competency and character of those who report to us”.  This is a great quote because I think sometimes we focus to much on the competency portion and want to build our up and coming leaders skill set however totally miss the character aspect.  Your character is everything, how you are when people are not looking is how you’ll be when you are around people.  We as leaders need to ensure we are setting a good example to those reporting to us because they are watching and learning from us.  It’s crucial in today’s society with all the temptations and distractions that we check our values and make darn sure we are living by them and not compromising them for anything.  If we do that along with building great relationships we will be successful not only in the business world but in our personal lives.AndyClark

It’s funny because nothing Andy said was earth shattering or new, it was common sense that I think we often forget.  Sometimes its good to have a “check” with ourselves and ensure we are on the right path.

Andy, thank you again for sharing your time this past Thursday.


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