One Device to Rule Them All


With all the devices that are available on the market these days it’s tough to make a decision on what’s best for your work style.  I believe with the latest device from HP, the EliteBook Revolve it may just be the one ring to rule them all, I mean the one device to rule them all.  While I’ve not had the chance to test drive this device yet, what I’ve been hearing and what I’ve been reading it should fit with what I’ve been after.  I’ll get to the spec’s in a moment.

For me it’s about the versatility to be able to work anywhere as I’m in and out of the office, visiting business stakeholders, attending meetings, meeting with vendors, etc. I need a device that is powerful enough to do the day to day office tasks I do, yet nimble enough to  take notes tablet style in a meeting.  I’ve recently been testing the ElitePad 900 from HP and while I think it may be a great device, it may lack the ability to connect at the desk to dual monitors at a decent resolution and power as it’s limited to the Atom processor.  I do love the device, I think it’s got everything the Microsoft Surface Pro is missing, namely a 10 hour battery and 4G LTE connectivity.  Time will tell as I’m still utilizing it as best I can and once I have the productivity jacket which comes with a keyboard, I’ll be set up for better success.  That review will come shortly once the product starts shipping.

So along comes this EliteBook Revolve which has some impressive specs for such a small device. 

  • 11.6 inch diagonal HD display
  • 3.04 lbs.
  • full-sized, backlit keyboard
  • Optional Pen (like this feature)
  • 720p HD3 camera
  • Corning Gorilla Glass 2 screen
  • Enterprise-class docking capabilities
  • WWAN, USB3.0, DisplayPort, and NFC (possible LTE?)
  • Solid State drive up to 256GB
  • Domain Join – Enterprise ready

The only weak spec I could find is the resolution at 1,366×768. Really? In this day and age with Apple having the retina display and others boasting real HD quality at 1920×1080 we are still stuck with low end resolution?  The device packs power with available i3, i5, and i7 processors and has an easy upgrade path to increase the RAM over the 4GB standard.

What are some of your expectations of devices that are out on the market these days?  Are you still hoarding devices or are you trying to slim down?  What do you look for in a device?  I’m curious to know.EliteBookRevolve

I’m intrigued to see if this device will work in place of my current Desktop, Laptop, Tablet setup.  Can I really go down to one device?  Stay tuned and find out…

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2 Responses to One Device to Rule Them All

  1. Hey Shaun, did you ever get a chance to test drive (or purchase) the Revolve? We’d love to replace laptops with convertibles going forward but have yet to see a truly good one. The Revolve looks like it just might fit the bill…

    Thanks! Good post!

    • Shaun says:

      I did test drive it however the screen ended up going on it. It’s still not production ready as they have not released them. I’m getting a new one so I can complete testing as I was using it as my only computer for about a week. It worked quite well to be honest.

      One thing I would have liked to see was the screen detach and used as a tablet. Something the Helix does by Lenovo.

      Is a good device but I’m still not sure. If the Surface had a bit better battery power I think the would be the way to go.

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