Nike+ FuelBand

For people who know me they’ll know I’m a gadget guy.  I love playing with new technology and seeing how it can fit into my life and make this easier, efficient, fun, interesting, etc.  So when @weathlybigpenis posted the following tweet:


I had to check it out.

So I headed over to Nike’s website for the FuelBand and checked it out.  The site it’s self while okay, really isn’t clear on exactly everything is can or cannot measure.  I ended up having a conversation with Scott over twitter and it was enough to peak my interest in actually thinking further about maybe purchasing it.

I think the biggest motivation as to why I purchased it was a few things.  I’m attracted to neat innovative gadgets, I’m looking to get back into shape by hitting the gym, and I’ve been picking up activity on MyFitnessPal and watching what I eat.  I figured if this device could help track my calories and cardio then why not.  I’m all for an advantage if there is one to be had.  I picked it up today (Saturday) and have been wearing it since around 2pm. 

Here are a few pictures of the packaging and how it looks on my wrist.

NikeFuelBand-Package NikeFuelBand-OpenPackage


While I don’t have much more to write at this point, since I’ve only had it less than 12 hours, I will write more in about a month and let you know how I’m finding it and if it really is worth the $150 dollars I paid for it.  So far I think it’s a “nifty” little piece of technology and can’t wait to show it off.

Have a great weekend!



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4 Responses to Nike+ FuelBand

  1. This sounds cool. I had one of the original FitBits, and wore it for a few weeks but then forgot about it because I kept having to take it off one belt and put it on another, and try to remember not to wash it if I clipped it on my pants, etc.

    This sounds similar to a new model FitBit just announced that you also wear on your wrist. I haven’t worn a watch since I left the Army back in 1992, so I hope it’s lightweight and not bulky?

    I look forward to your full review. I need to be more purposeful about fitness and activity – this may be one nerdy way to help motivate me on that front.

  2. Shaun says:

    Yeah it’s not bulky at all. Think of it like a Livestrong rubber bracelet but a bit thicker. Really no different than having a watch on to be honest. Glad it has that watch feature. I too am looking forward to the full review to see exactly how it helps with my fitness. Stay tuned!

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