I have to re-blog this because it’s so true. I added some comments in the end because after all a good sales person is only as good as his relationship with his clients. Great post here!

Single Malt Cloud

How it used to be (for way too long)

I’ve worked in IT for more than 15 years, and for the first twelve years, I didn’t interact with a single vendor salesperson who gave me a reason to think of IT sales as being significantly different from used car sales.  Whether it was hardware or software, the sales professionals I encountered left me with a singularly low opinion of sales.  This is the story of how that began to change a few years ago, when I began work on my Citrix XenDesktop project.

I don’t recall if I reached out to Citrix or if they reached out to me, but I’m thinking it was the latter, because I had registered for and attended a webinar on the XenDesktop implementation of Scottsdale Community College, MySCC. I think I received an email a week or so after that, and that led to…

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