Disaster Recovery

Disaster-RecoveryJust a quick post here on Disaster Recovery.  I think a lot of attention is going to be focused on Disaster Recovery in light of the recent outage that Shaw Communications had and the effect on the Alberta Government.  A lot of services the government provides are still down and certain measures are being acted upon to do the bare necessities.

I believe this is a huge wake up call to not only the Alberta Government but to businesses who may let things slide when it comes to their Disaster Recovery plans.  Depending on what you read the failure rate of most business’s is around 80% if they cannot access their data within a week.  The real question is how long can your business survive without access to it’s data and more importantly the systems that can access that data.  Its fine and dandy to have data redundancy and tapes and tapes of data, but if you cannot restore to the systems that needs access to that data, you’re in blunt terms, SOL.

I guarantee you there will be many talks within Shaw Communications, The Alberta Government and many other companies that relied on Shaw Communications, for some disaster recovery and business continuity planning.  Somehow I think we are going to see some dollars invested within the infrastructure so something like this doesn’t happen.

Interesting read that’s for sure.


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