Microsoft TechEd 2012 Recap


Well for my last Microsoft TechEd I have to say it was nice to finish it where it started for me, in Orlando.  I have mixed feelings about this TechEd and a lot of it has to do with the Keynote.  I’ll get to the sessions later however the keynote was very uninspiring.  The most exciting thing I saw was the DJ using this cool ‘Tron Like’ DJ system. 

I’m not going to even get into what the Keynote was about since it just wasn’t inspiring. Why? Well to me the Keynote is meant to inspire and kick off the week of the whole conference. I’ve made many of mentions to Microsoft TechEd (@TechEd_NA ) as well as feedback from past TechEd’s that the CEO, the leader of the company, Steve Ballmer, should be speaking.  Apparently inspiring 10K attendees isn’t something that is a priority to Microsoft.  Cisco and Citrix both have their CEO’s, John Chambers and Mark Templeton respectively speak at their same style of events.  As you can tell I’m going off a bit on this because as a Director and the leader of IT within my company, it’s part of my role to lead and inspire my team.  I may be continually improving in that area but that is a focus of mine and an important characteristic of a great leader.

TechEd did have some great highlights including some great sessions on System Centre 2012.  That was a primary focus for me as we look to leverage our ECI around the System Centre suite of products.  The Alumni lounge was back again this year and offered some nice perks for people that have attended in the past.  The vendor hall is always good and got to pick some of our vendors brains on some strategic avenue’s we are looking at.  Was also able to pick the brains of some Microsoft people over some System Centre design and implementation. Everyone was pretty tight lipped around any of the rumblings that Microsoft had some announcements coming up the week after.  I have to say they are good at keeping a secret.

Lastly Microsoft sure knows how to hold a party.  Universal Studio’s Island of Adventure was a great way to end off the week as they rented out the whole theme park.  I did my first crazy rollercoaster ride, the Hulk!  I’ve always been scared and well fearful of getting sick however I figured, why not and tried it and loved it.  Cannot wait to do it again sometime.  All the food, drinks, alcohol was on Microsoft’s tab, very curious how much that came to.

Anyways I’m glad I went, but the keynote and the leadership of Microsoft still pisses me off a bit.  I think Microsoft needs to hire Mr. John Maxwell to help them with some of their leadership issues that I see.  For those looking to attend next year, it’s in New Orleans again in June. 

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2 Responses to Microsoft TechEd 2012 Recap

  1. Nice recap. I have to say I agree that the Microsoft keynotes don’t compare to others, and especially not to the exciting one John Chambers from Cisco delivered this year at Cisco Live. I attended MMS in 2011, and while I learned a lot during the sessions, the keynotes were kinda bland.

    My one selfish wish is that the conferences would replace one of the beer offerings with a hard cider.

    Just curious – for IT folks working in the Windows world with a limited travel budget, would you consider TechEd a must, or MMS, or perhaps something else?

    • Shaun says:

      I think it all depends on what is being offered session wise. That would depend on where I will send my guys next year.

      The keynotes need to change, they’ve been going down hill for some time. While it’s not the only reason why someone should go, its as I mentioned the kick off and should be inspiring.

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