Microsoft TechEd Day 1

Day one is in the bag and so far the 20th anniversary of Microsoft Teched has been okay.  I’ll reiterate again I’m very disappointed with the keynote speakers and that Steve Ballmer should have been there.  The keynote is to inspire and to set the tone of the whole conference.  I’m sorry but Satya Nadella and Jason Zander don’t do that.  I’m not sure if I’ve just moved on to expect more or what not, either way Steve Ballmer has avoided any Microsoft Event I’ve been to this year.  Not good.

The venue for TechEd is perfect, the Orange County Convention Centre is large enough to handle any event and for the most part handles 10K+ attendees.  @MSTechEd_NA won’t disclose the amount of people here which is a sell out.  Not sure why that’s such a coveted number,  I’ll assume it’s competition with Cisco Live and VMWorld?

So far I’ve been able to have a few good networking sessions with other companies as well as talking with a few vendors we do business with and vendors we are looking at.  System Centre Sessions were good as we are looking at implementing SCCM 2012 and SCOM 2012.  Lots of hyper around this System Centre products.

Tomorrow should be another great day.

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