Microsoft TechEd 2012 Pre-Event Post


In a week I’ll be in Orlando for the 20th annual Microsoft TechEd.  This is a conference I’ve been to many times but sadly this will be my last.  Because of my position, I’ll need to pass the torch onto some of the other more technical guys and have them continue on with this great conference.

This year I’m attending a lot of the management seminars as we look to utilize more of our EA/ECI Agreement with the System Centre 2012 product suite.  We currently have SCCM 2007 running and it works great, however I want the team to upgrade and utilize even more of the functionality.  I also want to see what’s new with SCOM 2012 and what that can offer.  We are in need of a monitoring tool that’s robust and can view the full stack.  I’ll also pop into a few of Windows Server breakouts as that’s where my roots are and I love seeing what the latest and greatest in Windows Server OS’s.  I’ll spend a lot of time networking, talking to product experts from Microsoft and then take in a few Birds of a Feather sessions.  Networking I find is probably close to 2/3’s the event, you’ll learn so much from other people’s experiences and that is worth it’s weight in gold.  If you can find out the lessons learned from someone and that prevents you from making the same mistake, mission accomplished.  I can’t tell you how many pitfalls I’ve avoided because of that and how many I’ve helped others avoid.  Be a good attendee and connect with others, don’t be that guy who sits in the corner and doesn’t talk to anyone, you’ll miss out!

This year I’m planning to use all Microsoft technology while at the event.  I have a Nokia Lumia 900 device with Windows Mobile OS coming to me this week and I’ve recently upgraded my Samsung Tablet with the latest Windows Preview.  Just a side note, the preview is much more stable and much better than the last release.  I have to re-iterate the OneNote with the tablet is hands down the best stylus note taking application out there bar none. Back to what I’m bringing or in this case not bringing; I’m going to leave my HP Folio 13 at home and that will be the first time I’ll be without a laptop.  The tablet has a desktop feature so if I really need that I should be able to make that work.  Going to throw the Cisco VPN client on there so if I need to at least get back into work I’ll be able to.  TechEdAlumni

If you’ve never had a chance to check out TechEd before, I highly suggest you do that.  Technical, Team Lead, even Manager, there is a path for everyone at TechEd and you’ll always walk away with something to bring back to your IT team and organization.  Check it out here:

Update: Looks like the Lumia 900 won’t be coming after all, quite disappointing.

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1 Response to Microsoft TechEd 2012 Pre-Event Post

  1. I agree that the BoF sessions and individual conversations and networking with other customers and even some of the partners and vendors are some of the most valuable experiences to be had at any conference. That was true for me at Cisco Live as well this year, although I’d say some of the technical sessions were right up there, which hasn’t always been the case for me before, especially at Microsoft conferences.

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