Working VERY Remote


The last few weeks before heading out to Hyderabad, India, people have been saying wow you sure are lucky you get to travel to India for work. Or wow what kind of job do you have that you get to travel so much.  People think that travel for work is glamorous and often over look some very important things that happen when you travel.  You are away from your family, and to me that’s a tough pill to swallow, but that’s part of my job. Having a 10 month old at home who doesn’t get to see his dad for a week is tough.  However we do make due with Facetime which has been pretty awesome and helps makes things easier.

Don’t get me wrong, the chance to come out to India and do some work is a great opportunity and I’m thankful to the company that has given me that chance.  But travel does wear on you.  That’s one of the reasons why I made this trip so on point. I’m here for 5 working days, that’s it.  Crazy I know, but I have a family to get back to.  Otherwise I would have taken a few extra days and seen Dubai or head up to Delhi or something like that.

Anyway the experience thus far as been interesting.  Working with the locals can certainly be frustrating at times as they require an additional push to show them your seriousness.  Where in North America if we have an issue and it’s serious, people understand and act.  “SLA’s” in some ways are just known in Canada, however here anything goes.  Neat experience, but wears on you.  While I’m still in the middle of getting our implementation done here and have finished the due diligence required, I’m anxious to get home and see my family.  The people that are still here for another month out of two months need a huge slow clap for taking time out of their lives, and being away from their families. 

So next time you tell someone they are so lucky for travelling for work, maybe take a second and really think about that comment.  It’s not quite a “cool” as people make it out to be.


Hussain Sagar

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