HP Briefing

HP_BCI hope everyone had a great and safe Easter long weekend and are full of turkey, ham and all those amazing deserts.  Earlier last week I had the opportunity to visit the Hewlett Packard Briefing Centre in Boise, Idaho and came away with some solid information.

You may not think a printing focused Briefing Centre is an ideal use of time however when the ideas and information coming out of that could potentially save some operational costs, you may be wanting to reconsider.  I was able to take my Operations Team Lead with me which a lot of the information presented was right inline with some projects he’s working on.  There are some quick wins with HP’s Web Jetadmin that will help reduce some administrative and routine tasks that are today done manually.  I was a bit surprised at what this tool can do now as I saw it in action over 5 years ago. 

On a strategic front, there are a few initiatives we are looking at to help reduce Magic_Quadrant_2011operational cost and improve print efficiency.  Having a managed print solution is one of them and HP just happens to be in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for this type of service.  I’m hearing a lot of buzz around MPS (Managed Print Services) and while not as loud as BYOD, its there and people thinking about the strategic direction of their company, in IT, have it on their radar.

While this trip was only a half day and a condensed version of what is typically a two day affair, I did get a lot out of it and look forward to next year’s trip.

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