Cold Calls

cold-callEven before being promoted to Director, I’ve been receiving cold calls non stop from multiple vendors and multiple places.  I had a recent twitter conversation with a fellow colleague where he mentioned when was the last time you bought something from a cold call?  I took a quick second to think about it and the answer was NEVER.  I’ve never bought anything from a cold call and don’t think I would ever.  Why?

I believe in building a relationship and partnership with the vendors that I deal with or potential vendors.  The cold call is so impersonal and most of the time the company is some small one I’ve never heard of and thousands of KM’s away where I’ll never see the person.  I want a personal engagement where I can see the whites of your eyes and know when your being less than truthful or when your being genuine.  I believe in doing business the traditional way with a smile and a handshake, and while I understand there are contracts and SOW’s to sign in the end, it all comes back to doing business in person. 

Lastly I believe in doing business with local companies and supporting the local economy.  I get a lot of cold calls from the US and while I understand they are trying to drum up business I would rather deal directly with someone here in Edmonton or Alberta.  If not locally then at least someone in Canada.  The only way I’d go outside Canadian boarders is if there is a unique opportunity where someone here could not deliver and in this day and age that’s quite rare.

So my word of wisdom here on Cold Calls is to support your local community first when possible and if your bold enough tell the person on the phone that.  I have many times.

Do you have any good Cold Call stories?

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